Board of Directors

Menghis Bairu, MD - Executive Chairman

Dr. Bairu is a physician, business executive, editor, author, and philanthropist. He has more than two decades of international experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, global health and non-profit arenas. He is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Serenus Biotherapeutics, Inc., a specialty biopharmaceutical company specialising in late-stage clinical development, in-licensing, and commercialising innovative therapies for the African market. Prior to that, Dr. Bairu concurrently served as Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Head of Global Development for Elan and as President and CEO of Elan’s subsidiary, Speranza Therapeutics. He also served as Elan’s General Manager, was the head of Elan International, and has broad international experience in the United States, Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Prior to that, he worked for several leading biopharmaceutical companies, including Genentech and Johnson & Johnson, and served on the board of OneWorld Health, a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mr. Bairu is a graduate of the Technical and Commercial Institute VII, Milan, Italy (BBA) and of the University of Milan La Statale, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Milan, Italy (MD).

Julianna Lisziewicz, PhD - Director

For more than 25 years, Dr. Lisziewicz has built and directed research teams that develop immunotherapy products that enable the human immune systems to conquer some of the most deadly diseases, including HIV and cancer. Prior to founding Treos, Dr. Lisziewicz founded and directed research and biologic drug development at two companies as the President, CEO, and Founder of Genetic Immunity, Inc., and as the Director and Founder of the non-profit Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy (RIGHT). She discovered and led the preclinical and clinical development of DermaVir HIV immunotherapy through a successful Phase 2 clinical trial. Earlier, she pioneered gene therapy for HIV/AIDS treatment at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Lisziewicz is a graduate of Budapest Technical University, Budapest, Hungary (BS and MSc) and Braunschweig Technical University and Max-Planck Institute, Germany (PhD).

Franco Lori, MD, PhD - Director

Dr. Lori has more than 30 years of experience in biomedical investigative preclinical and clinical research, as well as biotech management. Dr. Lori is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of ViroStatics SRL, which he founded in 2005 to focus on finding a cure for HIV. In 2000, Dr. Lori was recognized as a global “Hero in Medicine” for his achievements in HIV therapy. He has co-authored more than 100 international peer-reviewed publications. He was Senior Investigator in the Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology at the National Cancer Institute before co-founding the non-profit Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy (RIGHT) in 1994 where he served as a Board Director for 10 years. Dr. Lori is a graduate of Liceo Classico, Parma, Italy (M.A.), the University of Parma, Italy (M.D.) and the University of Pavia, Italy (PhD).

Gábor Illés - Non-executive Director

Gábor Illés is a founding partner of BXR Partners LLP, the in-house investment advisory arm of BXR Group, a leading international investment group headquartered in Amsterdam. Mr. Ill&eacote;s is responsible for originating and executing private equity investments globally and he is a member of the Investment Advisory Committee. Mr. Illés worked for the UK arm of a predecessor of the BXR Group between 2008 and 2010 prior to which he had a ten year career in investment banking with Credit Suisse First Boston in London.
A British and Hungarian citizen, Mr. Illés earned a MSc in Business Administration (First Class Hons) from Corvinus University, Budapest and a CEMS Master’s degree in International Management from the Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen. He holds several non-executive board positions at portfolio companies affiliated with BXR Group.

Péter Kádas - Non-executive Director

Peter Kadas is a senior adviser to BXR Partners LLP. He founded and led CS First Boston Budapest from 1989 to 1995. In 1995 he co-founded Renaissance Capital in Moscow before moving to MC Securities in London in 1996. From 1997 to 2000 he was chief executive of Croesus Central European Corporate Restructuring Fund which he co-founded.

Mr. Kádas then worked in various roles in the UK arm of a predecessor of the BXR Group until 2010. He joined BXR Partners LLP in November 2010 and holds a number of non-executive directorships in BXR Group companies. Originally from Hungary, he holds Canadian citizenship. He has a degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Dartmouth College.